Men's Blazers and Jackets

Men’s jackets are an icon in men’s clothing and add versatility to any outfit. An example is the double-breasted, which gives elegance to a casual look, while a single-breasted can give character to a simpler outfit.

Men’s jackets are constantly evolving, creating innovative garments such as printed jersey jackets, the result of textile innovation, or High Performance jackets, made with technical and high-performance fabrics.

A blazer can complete a business look or add style to less formal occasions when paired with jeans, loafers or sneakers. The use of high quality fabrics makes every jacket in the collection extremely valuable.

The selection of Distretto12 men’s jackets and blazers, offers a wide range of models to meet every taste and need, from the classic double-breasted jacket for a sophisticated look, to jersey and technical fabrics with unique performance.

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