Men's polo shirt - Icon of Style and Versatility with Distretto12

The men's polo shirt is a symbol of elegance and class in men's fashion. This garment, loved for its versatility, is perfect for a variety of occasions, making it a must-have in every man's wardrobe.

Suitable for Every Occasion
Distretto12 polo shirts are ideal for both leisure and casual office wear. Offering the comfort of a T-shirt and the sophistication of a shirt, these polo shirts are perfect for every situation. The collection includes a wide range of colours, from bright orange, pink and green to classic white, beige, blue and black.

High-quality materials
Distretto12 polo shirts are made of high-quality fabrics such as cotton with a slub effect, which guarantees lightness and breathability. These materials ensure maximum comfort, keeping you cool all day long.

Refined details
Distretto12 polo shirts are distinguished by their attention to detail. Unique contrasts, such as the floral prints on the inside of the collar and in the side slits of the mélange versions, add a distinctive touch to even the most informal outfits. Details such as the cuffs and collar, inspired by shirt designs, lend a sophisticated elegance.

Wide Choice of Models
Distretto12 offers a variety of polo shirt models to suit every preference. Whether you are looking for a garment for a casual chic look or for a relaxed day out, you will always find the perfect polo shirt that combines style and functionality.

Modern and Functional Design
Every Distretto12 polo shirt is designed to offer style and functionality. The clean lines and modern cuts guarantee a perfect fit, while the quality of the fabrics ensures lasting comfort. Distretto12 polo shirts are ideal for any occasion, always maintaining an impeccable look.