Trousers Length for 32" and 34" Models

To help you choose the right size, please note that the length of our 34" model trousers is 5 cm longer than the 32" model. We recommend checking our size guide for more details and specific measurements.

Men's Trousers - Distretto12: Style, Innovation and Comfort

The Distretto12 men's trousers collection is designed to offer a perfect solution for every occasion, from the office to leisure time. These trousers stand out for their extraordinary versatility and attention to detail, combining comfort and style in a unique way.

Style and Comfort for Every Moment
The Distretto12 trouser range is varied and suitable for every need. The sporty-chic models are ideal for a well-groomed but relaxed look, perfect to combine with a shirt for a sophisticated but not overly formal outfit. The casual trousers, on the other hand, are designed for leisure time, and can easily be combined with a t-shirt for a fresh, dynamic look. Furthermore, drawstring trousers offer a practical and comfortable solution without sacrificing elegance.

Advanced Materials and Functional Design
Distretto12 stands for innovation in materials and design. The collection includes trousers made of technical fabrics from the High-Perform12 line, which guarantee excellent performance and optimal freedom of movement. These materials are chosen for their durability and ability to maintain a perfect fit over time, always ensuring a flawless appearance.

Adaptability for Every Style
Versatility is the strong point of the Distretto12 trousers. Whether for a day at work or a leisure activity, these trousers always ensure an appropriate and trendy look. The collection offers a wide range of models, from classic to modern slim fits, to suit every preference and style need.

Excellence in Details
Distretto12 pays special attention to the quality of materials and attention to detail. Each trouser is made from selected fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Precision manufacturing ensures that each garment is finished with care, making each piece unique and of great value. Even the fastenings, pockets and seams are designed to offer a high quality product.

Discover the Distretto12 Collection
The Distretto12 collection of trousers for men is designed to offer solutions for every taste and need. Whether it is a formal look for the office or a casual outfit for leisure time, Distretto12 offers garments that combine textile innovation and contemporary design. Each pair of trousers is designed to enhance the personality and style of the wearer, always offering the ultimate in quality and comfort.

Explore our collection and discover the perfect trousers for every occasion. With Distretto12, add a touch of class and comfort to your wardrobe by choosing garments that represent the best of current men's fashion.